James Reid's "Simply J.R."

Cremation - Onsite - Low Price

     Basic Cremation is available at the only Kingston-family-run funeral home!

  • Cost: Our low, competitive, basic price will satisfy.

  • ​Convenience: Unlike other crematoriums, we are open seven days a week.

  • Environmental: No smoke and no emissions as recorded for the Ministry of the Environment on our computerized Continuous Monitoring System.

  • Connection: Prior to cremation we offer "Family Time," a time to say good-bye in one of our visitation suites. Complimentary. 

  • Peace of Mind: You can see, during Family Time, that the correct body is being cared for. You may also witness cremation if desired. 

  • Expertise: Excellence in service. Our courteous, knowledgeable staff will help you and treat you and your loved one with dignity. 

  • Beautiful Facilities: Accessible, comfortable, and relaxed setting when you make arrangements, have Family Time, and receive the remains.

​If you've prepaid elsewhere, please ask us how easy it is to transfer it to us. We do the paperwork and you do not have to revisit the original crematorium or funeral home.

Thank you,

           Jim Reid - 4th Generation Reid family Manager & Owner

Simply J.R. Basic Cremation is offered by James Reid Funeral Home, Crematorium & Celebration Centre. Click here to go to our main website.